What to consider when choosing home care

When choosing a home care service provider it is important to choose the right one that has enough experience working with all kinds of patients. Also, you need to find a company that offers the right price for you.

Home care providers can take care of individuals who have suffer from a certain type of disease or suffered an injury or accident.

That is why it is important to give regular therapy prescribed by the doctor: giving medication in prescribed quantities and at the necessary time, possibly removing and treating the wound on time and according to the necessary procedure.

The patient should rest as much as possible, and the physical activity should be performed only to the extent that the doctor considers it necessary. The bed should be adapted to both the patient and the disease.

The room should be bright (not too light), airy, regularly cleaned and ventilated and not exposed to noise. In summer and when it’s hot, the windows should be either open, in order to get clean air and oxygen into the room, making sure that bacteria is reduced.

The room should not be too hot or too cold (the optimum temperature is 16-20 degrees Celsius).

It is advisable to keep small children and pets away from the patient’s room and beds.

The patient should be cleaned in the necessary way and protected from dirt.

If they can, on their own or with a little help, the patient needs to maintain personal hygiene daily – washing hands before meals, teeth brushing, combing. Bathing, showering, washing hair or wiping with a wet towel (depending on the condition of the patient’s disease and patient mobility) should be performed daily, because the patient is lying and sweating.

Usually, patients should have a controlled body temperature (with the help of thermometer) several times a day, and it should range from 36.3 to 36.9 degrees Celsius.