How homecare can help a Dementia sufferer live at home for longer

The thought of selling your home and moving into a care facility can be extremely stressful, particularly for someone suffering with Dementia; who is used to a familiar environment. Homecare can be an alternative care choice that enables someone to continue living in their own home, without requiring family members to be on hand at all times. Below are some of the risks associated with Dementia patients, and how homecare can a viable alternative option.

The risk of falling

For an elderly person, a fall can extremely dangerous; particularly if someone suffers multiple falls within a short window of time. This can be concerning for family members and friends, who may not have the opportunity to be around their loved one at all times. Investing in professional homecare can help reduce that concern as someone will be on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week to not only help prevent a fall; but offer a swift response should a fall occur.

The risk of wandering

It is common for people suffering with Dementia to wander out of their homes and get lost. With professional homecare, the changes of this are reduced. While no one can be monitored at all times, if can help put people’s mind at ease that their loved one is not alone and if they should wander, this will be noticed quickly and action can be taken.

Tendency towards aggression

One as the saddest symptoms of Dementia is a gradual change in character. This can sometimes take the form of aggression. When you invest in care at home, your dedicated carer will be apt at handling violent outbursts in a safe manner.