How can home care help a dementia sufferer stay in their home for longer?

For someone who is suffering with Dementia, being in unfamiliar surroundings can cause confusion, panic and a general feeling of discontent. That is why home care is continuing to be more and more popular for individuals with this type of condition. It also has other benefits that are worth keeping in mind if you are considering investing in home care in North West London.

Reducing the risk of falling

In later years, experiencing a fall can become extremely hazardous to health and peace of mind. It can also play on the minds of family and friends, who are concerned that leaving their loved ones to manage daily tasks on their own will result in a fall; particularly if this has happened in the past.

Home care means having a qualified and experienced carer on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That means that daily tasks that your loved one is struggling with will be managed by their carer. It also means that potential falls could be prevented and any that do happen will have a swift response from someone who is trained to deal with such an incident.

The risk of wandering
A common problem for individuals diagnosed with Dementia is wandering out of their homes and getting lost. North West London can be a confusing place, especially for someone who is no longer familiar with the area. Whether this has already happened to your loved one, or you are concerned that this may happen in the near future; home care will reduce the risk of this happening.

There are multiple benefits to investing in home care for your elderly loved one in addition to the ones mentioned above. When investing in home care, it is important to check with your agency that your carer will be trained and experienced in dementia care to ensure your loved one receives the best care possible.