Why You Should Consider End of Life Care at Home

There are many reasons why you should choose end of life care at home. It is possibly the best option for a loved one who is terminally ill or is not expected to live long enough due to old age. There are resident care facilities, more commonly known as hospice care centres, that are a worthwhile substitute but there are some advantages with end of life care at home.


  • The most important reason perhaps is the familiar setting. Old people, especially those who are chronically or terminally ill, do not like foreign or alien settings. They do not find comfort and feel a little insecure when they are at a hospital, nursing home and resident care or hospice care facility. They feel a little unnerved. They may or may not like the immediate surroundings. They may not like the ambience or the vibe of the people. They will know for certain that they are not home. No matter how difficult or complicated assisted living may be, an aged person or terminally ill patient would want to return home. They will have to endure the pain and suffering is not really a choice but the comfort at home will offer the much needed solace.


  • End of life care at home will allow family members, relatives, friends and neighbours to be around. Any resident care or hospice care facility will have restrictions. Some facilities may be more lenient with some of their rules or policies. However, you would not have as much freedom at such facilities as you can ensure at your home. You should not compromise on the quality of end of life care at home. The patient or elderly person should not be allowed to get in contact with everyone and everything. If there is a chance of infection or worsening of some symptoms, then physical interaction will have to be strictly regulated. Despite such limitations, end of life care at home will be more liberating. It would never be as imposing as resident care facilities. Even if your loved one does not require any stringent isolation or an impeccably hygienic setting, there will be others at hospice care centres who have to be taken care of so there cannot be a flexible schedule for family visits and one cannot do as one pleases.


End of life care at home has potential savings. You may have to pay more for the caregiver and nursing staff since they would be visiting your home and spending long hours but you would not have to pay for the resident care facilities.