Conduct A Periodic Review Of Patient Care At Home

Patients who are unable to attend to their own needs require professional care at home. There may be a family member available during the day and others may be at home through the night but professional caregivers are more capable to meet the specific needs of a patient. Every scenario demands bespoke care at home. The specific condition of a patient will determine the scope of services of the caregiver. This will change in due course of time and hence a periodic review becomes imperative.

Every family should decide the timeframe for a period review. It could be a month, three months or two quarters. It is best not to wait longer. If there are any expected improvements, they should become apparent in a few weeks or at the most two to three months. The improvements may be obvious or subtle. Likewise, if there is any possibility of the symptoms or the condition worsening, that too will become apparent in the same period of time. The primary purpose of patient care at home is general wellbeing and all the assistance needed. The secondary purpose is improvement. It is futile to have a professional caregiver if there is no measurable improvement, unless a patient is in a condition that will not improve.

A periodic review of patient care at home is not limited to the role of the caregiver. It is also to ascertain the changing needs of a patient. The specific nature of the condition and as it changes over time will call for some alteration of the scope of care. It is always better to acknowledge these changing needs sooner than later. It is not that hard to change the scope of services of a caregiver. A family should also consider finding a more relevantly experienced caregiver as the needs of the patient changes.